Chef Ashley Jonique aka LetDatGirlCook aka authentic New Orleans Culinary Gatekeeper


The @WildWayneUnchained #Podcast with hosts Wild Wayne and Shawn Royal resumes Season 2 with one of New Orleans hottest culinary stars...@LetDatGirlCook!!! We got the @Thrillist host of #Gatekeepers show to take minute out of her busy schedule to talk food, her beginnings in the East, shrimp burgers and TV/Streaming stardom!!! From selling plates out the back of her VW Beetle, to Double Black Cafe, Celeb Chef Ashley Jonique joins the table and blesses us with her #blackgirlmagic on the latest episode of the @wildwayneunchained podcast ! Available on @applemusic @itunes @spotify @podbean @googleplaymusic @luminosity @applepodcasts #culture #cuisine #lifestyle #food #wecontrolthenarrative 

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