Choppa Style from the Westbank to Worldwide!


Get ready for the Wild Wayne Unchained Podcast (cue applause)!!! We'll talk it up about culture, cuisine and lifestyle! So strap on your seat belt and we bout to ride! Wild Wayne IS THE VOICE OF NEW ORLEANS! He has been an iconic media figure for over 2 decades with radio accolades, television shows, blockbuster movie cameos, philanthropy and now culinary guru! Plus WWU will be co-piloted by New Orleans  hustler of the year, fashion icon, and cigar aficionado Shawn Royal aka Charlie P. Hustle. Additionally, we will feature some of the most innovative and colorful characters from NOLA and beyond!

Here comes episode 5...

WHO DEY WANT??? CHOPPA STYLE, CHOP CHOP CHOPPA STYLE! That has been the chorus heard round New Orleans for the last couple of months of the Saints most interesting season. But really that song has been ringing for almost 2 decades now! Darwin Turner aka the Real Choppa has been entrenched in the entertainment business since first sharpening his verbal skills on Wild Wayne's 9 O'clock props, and graduating to Take Fo, No Limit, Body Head and now the Superdome! Get an earful of the entire story of Choppa Style from the Westbank to Worldwide! 

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Recorded at BuckJump Studios

Engineered by C. Smith

Filmed by Jonathan Thomas

Pictures by Jonathan Thomas

Music by Choppa - "Choppa Style"

Libations - Cajun Fire Brewery


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