The Biggest Mamma….Mia X! Part1 - Talking culture, 7th ward life, her homeless resources drive!


Get ready for the Wild Wayne Unchained Podcast (cue applause)!!! We'll talk it up about culture, cuisine and lifestyle! So strap on your seat belt and we bout to ride! Wild Wayne IS THE VOICE OF NEW ORLEANS! He has been an iconic media figure for over 2 decades with radio accolades, television shows, blockbuster movie cameos, philanthropy and now culinary guru! Plus WWU will be co-piloted by New Orleans  hustler of the year, fashion icon, and cigar aficionado Shawn Royal aka Charlie P. Hustle. Additionally, we will feature some of the most innovative and colorful characters from NOLA and beyond!

Here comes episode 2...

Today we were blessed to have MIA X! New Orleans #NATIVE, legend, author, historian, rapper, community activist, and cook!


We talk about her homeless needs drive

Her 7th Ward upbringing and cultural influence

We talk about surprising NOLA family ties and long lost relationships...THE ESSENCE OF NEW ORLEANS! 

This session with Mia X is an important piece of recording New Orleans' rich cultural heritage and is is is is UNCHAINED! 

Follow Mia X on instagram @themamamiax for info on her victories, books and HERE ARE THEdetails on her homeless drive!

  • themamamiax

    This all started at the red light on Esplanade and Claiborne. I saw a man doing a #2 and using a bag to wipe himself. I was frozen. We buy tissue and toiletries in bulk and honestly take having necessities for granted. There are well over 1200 homeless people in New Orleans. Some are suffering from depression and mental illness. Others have simply run out of options.
    I have never seen so many homeless people in this small city in my life. January 9th help me to make a small change to jumpstart a continuous help effort.
    I'm asking when you make a trip to the grocery or dollar tree if you would be so kind to pick up an item that someone can use. @sess45 of @nuthinbutfirerecords and @peachesrecords have been kind enough you allow their locations as drop off points. And the items assembly will be January 9th 11-2pm at the Treme center
    Nothing is too small. Everything is helpful and appreciated. I can't imagine not having toilet paper or a toothbrush soap sanitary napkins on top of not having a roof over my head. There but for Gods grace go us ALL. Thank you for your compassion and support 💜

As a disclaimer, this podcast is 2 parts and will be released in 2 consecutive weeks! Stay tuned....

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